Friday, May 1, 2009

Sulka Shemale

For me, it was this picture of SULKA that converted me over twenty years ago. I can't tell you where I was, or what magazine I was flipping through, but I'd never seen anything or anyone as sexually appealing to me as SULKA was that day....
Of course, I have always had an insatiable oral fixation (cigarettes, candies, titties), and this picture made me salivate like a dog hearing a dinner-bell. So much to suck on! So much to lick!
This was before the days of the internet, but I needed more pictures of fact, I did not consider transexuals, shemales or travestis; my first name for my lust was SULKA...simply SULKA...SULKA was a PORNSTAR of the 70s, and my quest for more images and movies of her placed me in the trenches during the first wave of SEX WARS that has been going on for the last two decades.

In the backwards, bible-belt state that I found myself ensconced, possessing any SULKA materials broke two state laws punishable by time in jail:

 1)Sodomy, and any depiction of any ass-fuckery

2) Transvestism and any depicting of gender-bending. This made hunting for her all the more dangerous and I had to go deep into the bowels of the porno-worlds for something that should have been relatively simple.

Such a repressive atmosphere, naturally, produces a chaotic, lecherous underbelly. The repressed sexuality and the threat of prison created an underworld of glory-hole filled, dank, dark and dirty bookstores; which I scoured for years just amass enough of SULKA to create a shrine. This shrine is the equivalent to what SLIPPERYDIGIT is to me now, but at the was all any of us could do.
The shemale mags and videos were kept under lock and key by the front desk, and I often would ask for a "private viewing" of Sulka's Wedding in one of the booths, fully aware that the slender-young proprietor would set up the video and then position himself on the other side of the wall waiting to drink my cum.

It was my infatuation with SULKA that gave me my first sexual currency....and made the perverted artist that I am today!

Her face brought more into question than my fluid sexuality (most men know, deep down, that they would stick their dick into any wet, hungry orifice if no one was looking), but my sense of beauty and destiny too.
I always imagined myself a "naturalist", one of those men who didn't go for fake boobed bottle-blondes. I had even rejected some potential lovers off-hand because of it, but SULKA made me hunger for her, ALL of her - from her restructured cat-eyes to her silicone filled Amazonian breast.

I became AGAINST NATURE with my lust for her. In fact, SULKA became a symbol to me for denying the "natural order" of it all. I did NOT have to stay in this beaten down burg. I could re-invent myself! And it would not matter who I was before!